Sunday, July 19, 2015

Who Will Win The SEC in 2015?,….


It is something like 7 Saturdays until kickoff of the 2015 football season. That just seems unreal. The above picture shows what the media thinks will happen in the SEC this year. I must add, they also picked auburn to win the SEC and possibly be the SEC’s only top 4 team. I’m not sure they’re wrong.

I think Georgia will win the East this year with a much improved Tennessee team close behind. I do think Florida moves into 3rd with Missouri, South Carolina, Kentucky and Vandy rounding out the division. Missouri, Carolina and Florida could flip flop but the top 2 and bottom 2 stay the same.

The West,… Could be a long year for Tide fans. The Iron Bowl could be for all the marbles if the Tide makes it through a tough schedule. The quarterback situation concerns me as it did last year. We all know how that went. What I thought didn’t amount to a hill of beans and probably doesn’t this year either. They finish like this,… auburn wins the West followed by Arkansas, Alabama LSU, Ole Miss, Texas A&M and Mississippi St even though State has one of the best QB’s in the country.

It would not surprise me to see 11 teams bowl eligible this season. Maybe 12.

7 weeks,… it will fly by.


  1. The safest prediction is to put poor Vanderbilt at the bottom.

  2. What not a category, "Bowl games that really matter" eligible?