Monday, August 24, 2015

Ashley Madison Alabama List City by City,…. Know Anyone?

Man,…. Call me stupid but I just don’t understand going through a website to have an affair. Anyway here is the Alabama Ashley Madison list,…. City by city.
Alabama List Know anyone?
Here is another link but a bit out of kilter for me,..
When you click the link above, you will see this,...
Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.

Apparently the link is now gone and taken down. I have it on PDF but it won't load to blogspot. Not even copying and pasting small sections at a time. 
I'm going to leave the link up as it may become active again. Thanks for stopping by,... OB.
The List,....
Since I couldn't upload the pdf file due to size,... click on the link above "The List" 
Well I guess someone on the list didn't like it being on the internet. The blog post was taken down,... not by me, but some pissed off cheaters.