Thursday, August 20, 2015

Florence Animal Shelter Continues to Fail,…

While the Florence City Council continues to make excuses,.. animals die. Every day. The shelter ran off the best person in the world that cared for the animals, used her own resources for the animals and got the kill rate down to 12%. Now,… the shelter no longer brags about trying to get itself to a no kill shelter. All the while animals die. Die at the cities hands because of a lack of funding.
Here is an opinion used with her permission, about the shelter situation. It caught my eye and it should yours also.
I think I'm officially living in an episode of The Walking Dead. Hey Florence LOOK AT THE FLOWERS! In case you don't know which most people probably don't, the Florence City Council gave $2.9 MILLION for flowers this week. Yup, flowers and landscaping for downtown yet the animal shelter got nothing. We have been promised a new shelter but it keeps getting stalled. People need to open your eyes and see this is not an animal problem. It is a PEOPLE problem. These poor babies are in disgusting conditions. The workers are amazing and doing the best they can trying to get these babies rescued. Mold, paint peeling, not enough room to serve a community this size. WE ARE THESE DOGS' & CATS' ADVOCATES!!!!! It's time to speak up. Are you not pissed that YOUR tax dollars are not going to schools or to the animals or to programs that actually matter? I am MAD!!!!! No one wants to look behind the doors and see the truth. Florence, quit being the perfect looking family that is a mess behind closed doors. We all need to speak up and if this administration can't get their crap together, remember that on election day. Remember those broken promises and remember all those beautiful dogs and cats who are dying simply because there is not enough room. These animals are sometimes only given 1 day to find a home. Not because they are not adoptable but just because there is not enough room. I don't even want to start in on the getting your animals fixed. That is a rant for another day. But seriously, it's time to speak up. Mayor Haddock and the Council need to get their crap together. Speak up folks. It's time to be heard for all those animals.
Thank you Tori Helms for allowing me to post your thoughts,….


  1. This Rhea Tays Fulmer. I recently posted to your blog about the Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter, but I don't see my post. I just want to make sure that your readers understand that the county is also responsible for the shelter, not just the city of Florence. I met with PAWS officials when I served as a commissioner, and I was shocked to learn how many animals at the shelter are actually from the county and not the city of Florence. The funding the shelter receives from the commission is totally disproportionate to the animals it takes in from outside the city limits. When I tried to get additional funding support from fellow commissioners at a work session, I was met with the most uncaring attitude imaginable. One commissioner even scoffed and said that the animals in the county were probably dropped there by folks from the city. Needless to say, I got nowhere. Commissioner Fay Parker was my only support.

    This is a city AND county issue, and it needs to be addressed as such. Thanks for shedding light on this important matter. The innocent animals can't speak for themselves. Maybe if we keep up the pressure, the goal of a new shelter will be met sooner.

    1. The above is from an email I received and maybe blogspot had some issues. Thank you for your comment and you are certainly correct.

  2. AMEN! Serving all of Lauderdale County, they need a bigger place. Tuscaloosa has "Rent a pet" and Alabama students and anyone else can go check out an animal for a day. Just one thing they do that shows they care about these animals. Florence city needs to use funds and put these animals in a decent shelter (Decatur's is pretty good!) with a decent outdoor play area for the animals and in an area where people can go walk a dog on green grass, There is no excuse!

    1. Thanks for your comment Shannan,... Spot on.