Sunday, August 30, 2015

Old People and Babies,…


Blogging twice in one day is not normal for me. This probably should be considered a rant more that a blog post.

I was raised around a lot of older people. Family, neighbors that were what we consider elderly. I seem to quickly approaching that status. But anyway,… I was also raised to respect the elderly. You open doors for them,… you always say yes ma’am/sir,… you show respect in general for them just for being older than you. The same with children. Granted sometimes it does get hard to do no matter what the age but you try. You have to try.

When an elderly person needs help,… either getting up out of a chair, needing an arm to cling to walking down the hall or going to the restroom. You help. Or you get somebody that can. You do not let them walk alone for fear of falling, you help or get help if they need it to stand and you most certainly help them or get help if they need to go to the restroom. To do nothing is about the lowest form of inhumanity that you can do. Other than actually causing physical harm. It ranks right up there with letting the bedridden lay there and doing nothing to try to prevent bedsores. You are a piece of crap in my book if you ever,…. EVER,… disrespect the elderly or babies by not doing something for them or at the very least getting help that can. Nothing wrong with getting help for them but it is wrong to let them go unattended.

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