Sunday, August 16, 2015

Redneck vs White Trash,…


For some reason,… both the terms redneck and white trash are associated with the South. This is incorrect. Rednecks and white trash can be found anywhere. California, Idaho, Michigan, New York,… the state matters none. They simply can be found anywhere.

Do not confuse the two terms. They are not the same. Rednecks are proud to be,… rednecks. And rightly so. They work hard, play hard and help those in need. Often going out of their way to do it. Think back to the tornado cleanups we have had the last couple of years. Those guys and gals with the chain saws, back hoes and dump trucks weren’t white trash. White trash was sitting on their butts, watching and talking on their government phones. Those people weren’t your white collar folks either, they don’t like getting their clothes dirty while they talk on their IPhones. White collar folks do donate supplies though,… so I’m not knocking them.  No, those people were mostly rednecks, blue collar type folks that were gittin it done.

A redneck will make it happen,… whatever it is to make their family happy,… White trash could care less.

A redneck works hard, often manual labor,… White trash depends on the government and others, often family to support them. (I’m not talking about helping them, I’m talking about that entitlement thing where they expect it)

A redneck figures out how to solve different situations,… White trash lets someone do it for them.

Rednecks almost always vote Republican, white trash rarely votes at all, that is unless it's for America's next Idol or for a new flavor of potato chips. And when they do vote its for a Democrat so they can keep getting their Section 8 and food stamps.

Rednecks know that the American flag flies above government buildings,… White trash knows those are the buildings where they can milk the government for assistance.

Rednecks will help those in need,… White trash expects to be helped.

Yes rednecks use duct tape,…. white trash does too but they wait for someone else to buy it. I wish I had bought that Alabama Crimson Tide duct tape at Peck Hdwe when I saw it. Hopefully they still have some.

The term redneck is often thought to be derogatory. This is a misconception. Being called a redneck is actually a complement. Being called white trash is not.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that everyone who gets government assistance is white trash. Far from it. It is those who choose to remain on it and won’t better themselves.


Quote of the day,… “I cannot work a regular job because it will mess up my Section 8 and food stamps.”  Regular job meaning one that holds out taxes,….


  1. A friend of mine observed that the term 'redneck' originated from the fact that, historically, so many of them suffered from pellagra. One of the symptoms is a dermatitis or reddening of the back of the neck. One of the four classical symptoms of a niacin deficiency.

    In short, they were mostly hard-working, solid people who simply suffered from a dietary deficiency that had once been widespread in the South.

  2. I thought "redneck" was from the hard working field hands, sharecroppers, construction workers, women hanging laundry and working the gardens, etc. Their necks were red from wind burn and sunburn, and they were called rednecks because of it.

    Good post, by the way.