Sunday, August 23, 2015

STILL, They Procrastinate,… Florence/Lauderdale Animal Shelter,….

First, I want to share a comment left on another blog post that correctly sets the tone for this post. I had inadvertently left Lauderdale out of the title and blamed everything on Florence. My bad,… The county too, has slacked in their funding of the shelter.


This is Rhea Tays Fulmer. I recently posted to your blog about the Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter, but I don't see my post. I just want to make sure that your readers understand that the county is also responsible for the shelter, not just the city of Florence. I met with PAWS officials when I served as a commissioner, and I was shocked to learn how many animals at the shelter are actually from the county and not the city of Florence. The funding the shelter receives from the commission is totally disproportionate to the animals it takes in from outside the city limits. When I tried to get additional funding support from fellow commissioners at a work session, I was met with the most uncaring attitude imaginable. One commissioner even scoffed and said that the animals in the county were probably dropped there by folks from the city. Needless to say, I got nowhere. Commissioner Fay Parker was my only support.
This is a city AND county issue, and it needs to be addressed as such. Thanks for shedding light on this important matter. The innocent animals can't speak for themselves. Maybe if we keep up the pressure, the goal of a new shelter will be met sooner.


Thank you for your comment and folks, she obviously knows about the dire situation at the shelter. I posted her comment for her. And she is correct in that the animals cannot speak for themselves.

Also,….. from another post on facebook that really caught my eye,… Thus the title of this blog,…..


STILL, they procrastinate.
The city council has idly sat back in their comfy chairs as the Florence Shelter falls apart. They continue to speak of making sure everything is just "right", as pets continue to flood the shelter with no room available and deplorable conditions. Only ONE council member is holding strong on the push for a new shelter, Dr. Barry Morris.
Our city council is failing our pets. They repeatedly put forth renovations and new projects, while passing on the new shelter. If this is how they choose to proceed, I hope that the next election finds them out of their positions. We need a city council that backs their word and not one that gives us the runaround.
It is hard to constantly try to help, when nothing is being done on their part. You feel like there is no progress no matter what you do. We need the city council and the mayor to quit procrastinating and move on this!
It has been 2 YEARS!! All we have to show for it are drawn up plans of what it could be.
I, personally, would like to know where the money that was earmarked for the new shelter 2 years ago is, and where the $125,000 they say is spent from it has gone.
On top of all this, it has been said that those who are trying to keep this an ongoing issue, are being told to back down. Back down?? No!
They say actions speak louder than words, but neither their words nor their actions are productive on this issue. It has been nothing but red tape and hot air.
I have volunteered for over 3 years at the shelter and feel like the city council and mayor have done this city a disservice in neglecting the animal shelter.
Step up or step down!
Your people are begging for a new shelter and you've done nothing.


Here are some photos they shared of the shelter.


The black you see is from mold,… not sure what that is hanging but looks like an extension cord.



To me this looks like filth. Dust on the blue container and the blue item in the floor looks the have been there for a while. A hypodermic needle?


Scaly walls,…. I can understand the feed being scattered for sure but not the walls not being maintained.



Just no excuse,…….. none.



More mildewed walls. This is not only bad for the animals but bad for employees and volunteers.

These photos were used by permission and tell a story all their own. Pictures don’t lie. What these pictures tell me is without proper funding from the city and county, this will continue and possibly continue even in a new building. Just because the shelter possibly gets a new place,… these kinds of things can still happen without funds to keep them clean and maintained.

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