Friday, August 7, 2015

The Republican Debates Biggest Loser,…


The biggest loser, besides Rosie O’Donnell was Fox News. Megyn Kelly was on more of a witch hunt than anything. The questions for Trump weren’t debate type questions. It was a personal attack. If Trump does run as an Independent,…. then I will blame Megyn Kelly for allowing Hitlery to be elected. Because if he does run as a 3rd party candidate, it will split the Republican vote allowing the Democratic candidate to be elected. Much like Ross Perot, who I voted for by the way.

The panel also didn’t allow the same time for each candidate. Each candidate should have been allow the same “air time” as the other. That didn’t happen.

Other than Fox News and Ms Kelly, Gov Christie was that guy. His answers weren’t bad but his body language wasn’t believable to me. You ever just meet someone and they bug you for know reason and you can’t put your finger on it? That is the feeling I get with him.

Biggest winner?,… Ben Carson, followed by Cruz when they both were finally asked questions.


  1. I think the winner was Carly, and she wasn't even in that debate. I bet she'll be a top contender before it's over.

  2. Could happen,... I just hope we elect someone with a love of God and country,...