Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Thank You Email I Received,…

Remember the Mikel Knight deal where they were selling cd’s and merchandise around the Shoals? I remember facebook going into near hysterics because of it. I did a blog you can view HERE.
With all of that said, I received an email from their publicist yesterday. Needless to say I was shocked but it was so cool I want to share it. For those of you that know me, you know I’m not a writer. I don’t claim to be. I just put words in print here. On a simple blog. Sometimes the words sting, sometimes I hope they inform, uplift on occasion. Make you smile, think and even scream at me. That’s all good. Here is that email and thank you all for clicking and reading this drivel that I post.

Dear OB:
I am the publicist for Mikel Knight and his 1203 Entertainment recording label. After reviewing recent and past media hits about my client, I landed on an article you published back in June.  I have read your story on OB's Corner in its entirety, and I would like to thank you for being the last of a dying breed; a responsible and unbiased blogger. 
Your brief write up conveyed the negative and unsubstantiated claims (and issues )some members of the public have with my client. Conversely, you encouraged readers to seek the truth about the situation, as their claims and beliefs about Mikel Knight are inappropriate and wreckless. The fact that you believe Mikel Knight and the Duke Boyz's music "sucks" is of no consequence. You're completely entitled to your opinion--which we appreciate. 
Many people, from Alabama and beyond, will learn (or should take the time to) that before anything else, Mikel Knight is a man who genuinely cares about our nation's communities and the people who comprise them. While he is also a recording artist, he, like many, is working hard to bring his talent and affinity for both Country and Hip-Hop music to the masses. The individuals he employs through the street team (MDRST) are part of a structured and well-managed second-chance program created by Mikel Knight;  an endeavor that is positively impacting and transforming the lives of young men who were either parentless, underemployed, and homeless--or military veterans who have had difficulty transitioning back to civilian life and finding gainful employment.  
I encourage you to continue speaking about the topics and issues that are newsworthy and important to your followers, as they have a right to be informed. My hope is that moving forward, more "news" sources, writers, and publishers--as well as their publics--will do their due diligence and seek to ascertain the facts of a story before succumbing to the fiction. 
Very Respectfully,
Jennifer Colter, Publicist
J. Colter Public Relations
In my reply I did mention that I wasn’t that fond of Elvis either,… So what do I know,…