Sunday, September 20, 2015

Alabama-Ole Miss,…. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly,…..


First, hats off to the Ole Miss Rebels and fans on a great win on the road for them. At least the didn’t tear down the goalposts this year.


Now for the good,…. The defensive line play was very good at times. Pressure on their QB and stopping a weak running game was one of the bright spots. Jake Coker on occasion was good as was Derrick Henry. The brightest spot was the team not giving up and putting themselves in position to win at the end. From that aspect, they grew as a team.


The bad,…. The fans leaving early. Shame on you for giving up. Shame on you for not supporting your team when they got down. How about not attending anymore games and giving your season tickets to someone who might actually support them to the end. Through thick and thin. Bama does not need fans like you.

Starting Cooper Bateman was a coaching decision that went south. For whatever reason this was done it was a poor coaching decision. Bama got outplayed and out coached. The Tide made zero adjustments at halftime. The coaches lost this game as much as the turnovers cost the win.


The ugly,…. Turnovers. 5 of them. And Bama didn't get any in return. 24 points off of turnovers sealed Bama’s fate. You simply cannot win this way. Yet, near the end, Bama still made it close.

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