Sunday, September 6, 2015

Alabama-Wisconsin,….. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly,….


So glad that football season is back. Well, the college version of the sport. I don’t do pro. But anyway, Glad that Bama ball is back and hats off to a very good Wisconsin team. They are well coached and played very well. They will win a lot of games this season. I have been told more than once I’m too critical of they way Bama plays at times. I just call it as I see it and don’t wear Crimson colored glasses. Meaning I try to be realistic. With that said,…. here is the good the bad and the ugly from the Wisconsin game.

The good,… it is always good to win. Bama did that. Although Coach Saban still has not named a starter, Jake Coker looks to be that guy. He managed the team well, had zero turnovers and made the right reads and throws practically all night. Cooper Bateman played well also but at some point you have to pick a guy. QB play was solid I thought as was the running game. The offensive line played well as did the defensive line. Both lines dominated most all night.

The bad,…. coverage in the middle on throws. Linebackers and the secondary need to play better coverage in the middle of the field. Special teams when returning kickoffs was bad. Down the ball in the endzone. Quit trying to run it out. Penalties. Far too many mental mistakes made on both sides of the ball. Pass interference calls can be avoided if the defender will turn around.

The ugly,…. For whatever reason, the kicking game. While kickoffs were good, field goal attempts were ugly. I like the kid and his back didn’t seem to bother him but you have to hit those field goals. Punting was just as bad. I don’t know what Scott was doing wrong but hopefully it was just mechanics with a splash of nerves. But it shouldn’t be either.  

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