Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Texting & Driving,….

Hopefully the Florence Police Dept will do what they say,… “Your Life Matters! and that's why we are bringing attention to the dangers of Texting While Driving. Our Officers will be actively watching for those who put lives at risk by texting when driving.” I wish it could be taken a step further by adding all cell phone use. But legally, they can’t. I myself have been guilty of this and if truthful many of you have too. The “It can wait” campaign is spot on,… and I’m going to pledge not to be guilty again.
Recently I went from a flip phone to an android. I have a code to unlock it and other than answering the phone, I have to type in the password to be able to use it. It is the same as texting. My eyes are on the phone and not the road. So if I want to use the map while driving, I’m pulling over on the side of the road (safely) where I won’t be a statistic.
I see others, every. Single. Day. Texting and driving, weaving, sitting at a green light oblivious to traffic. If you are in front of me stopped at a green light, be prepared for the horn to blow. Be thankful I don’t drive a tank. Folks,… just put the phone down for however long it takes you to get home or to work or the store. It can wait. Be sure and watch the video below. It shows exactly how quickly accidents can happen.


  1. Good idea! Texting while driving is dangerous. Sexting while driving is worse!

  2. Especially if you wreck!! lol