Sunday, October 4, 2015

Alabama-Georgia,…. The Good, The Bad, The UGly,….


The Good,…. Just about everything. The win, the offensive play calling was one of the best in the Kiffin era. Coker’s light finally came on. Calvin Ridley stepping up. Derrick Henry having a very good day. On the other side of the ball, the defense was stifling. Dominant. They shut down Chubb and Michel for all but one play late in the game when it didn’t matter. The defensive backs played their best game of the year so far.


The Bad,… Pregame taunting by Georgia and the coaches allowing it to happen. The weather although it may have played into Bama’s hands. Third down conversions by Alabama were horrendous. 1 for 12 on third down won’t cut the mustard against good teams. Kind of funny though, not many will notice that stat.


The Ugly,…. Penalties. And this guy,….