Sunday, October 25, 2015

Alabama-Tennessee,… The Good, The Bad, The Ugly,…


The Good,…. Guts and determination. Not giving up and coming together as a team to find a way to win. Tough win against a good opponent. Special teams play and the defensive line play also fall in the good category.


The Bad,…. Officials and the non calls. The SEC officials have had it out for this Bama team ever since Coach sent the SEC office the video. Dropped balls by the Bama defense. Most if not all of those should have been intercepted. Coker’s decision making at times was bad. The offensive line play was bad. Way too many hurry ups and sacks which lead to many of Coker’s bad decisions.


The Ugly,…. That awful throw up pumpkin orange. Tennessee is why I hate pumpkins. Pumpkins of any kind. And especially with any kind of spice. Then they smell as ugly as the look. Peyton Manning and the love fest Vern and Gary have with him. Alabama’s AJ McCarron was there too,… but didn’t even get a mention from those two Bama haters.

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