Thursday, October 1, 2015

Alabama vs Georgia,…. Oct 3rd,….

UGA vs. Bama


Not too many teams can mirror each other like Bama and Georgia. Both are similar on offense and defense. As far as what and how they do things. Both teams like to grind it out with the run on offense while both defenses operate out of a 3-4 type defense.

The differences come in several forms. Personnel wise, Georgia has better players offensively than the Tide does. While the offensive lines of each are close to each other, that is about it. Wide receivers, running backs and the ever important quarterback spot, Georgia holds an edge. Tight ends goes Bama’s way.

Defensively the Tide holds an edge on linebackers and surprisingly, secondary play. The Bama front line on D holds a substantial edge. But it won’t be those two lines going against each other. Bama’s D line vs the offensive line of the Dawgs is the battle to watch. In order for Bama to have a chance on the road in this one,… the D has to stop the running game and force Grayson Lambert to throw and throw on the run. Given time to pass, he is very efficient.

This will be a major test for both teams and I have to give home field advantage to Georgia. They win 32-28,… Roll Tide!!

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