Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Alabama vs Tennessee,… Oct 24th,….

One of the best rivalries in the SEC and the country. In my opinion it is the best and is even a greater rivalry than auburn. Because of what Tennessee tried to do to the Bama football program and nearly succeeded. I dislike auburn. I hate Tennessee. The video of the Bama student sums it up nicely.

This game shouldn’t be close. Well on paper it shouldn’t anyway. But they aren’t playing on paper. This is one of those game where you can throw most advantages out the window. The Vols do run an offense that the Tide has trouble defending. The spread offense with a mobile quarterback has given Alabama fits in the past. I do think this Alabama defense is up to the task at hand. With Bama’s run defense that could make the Vols more one dimensional than they already are. Plus the fact they are lacking depth mostly due to injuries. And also it is a home game for Bama and that should give an edge to the Tide as well. But then again,.. the 12th man at A&M was silent.

With all of that said,… I do think Bama takes care of bidness and sends those Vols back to Obnoxiousville with their tails tucked between their legs,… Bama wins,… 38-13 Roll Tide Roll!!

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