Wednesday, November 25, 2015

2015 Iron Bowl,….

IronBowl-650x342 (1)

Gametime 2:30 CT, this Saturday the 28th. Sadly we do get Gary and Vern. This is one area that both Tide and tiger fans can agree on is the dislike of those two bumbling idiots.


The last time Bama went to Jordan- Hare,… the Tide was favored. They were also upset. Auburn pulled off the famous “kick six” and won the game via basically because the wrong personnel on the field for Bama. That loss went back to coaching. This game is probably viewed by many as the best rivalry in college football. It has produced a few memorable games like, “Wrong way Bo” and “The Kick”. “Punt Bama Punt” is always a favorite among those toilet paper throwers. This game has produced a few legends, folklore and memories.


This year however, the Tide is heavily favored. Right now Bama is favored by 14 according to Vegas. I have seen others say Bama by 3 touchdowns. Fans of this game know that all of that can be thrown out the window. Stats mean nothing coming into the game. Only stats that will count is at the end of this game. Alabama controls its own destiny at this point and auburn would like nothing more than to derail the Alabama train.


I do think this Alabama defense is too strong for the tiger offense. And that the Bama offense will be able to run and throw the ball. Since this is one of those trap games and one of those games where anything can happen and probably will,… The Tide wins this one 35-22,.. RTR!!   


On a side note,… I work for many auburn fans and alumni,… Good folks and customers. Yes I’m sucking up. They also have a good sense of humor. (most of the time).