Sunday, November 8, 2015

Alabama-LSU,…. The Good,… The Bad,…. The Ugly,….


The Good,…. Of course the win. This wasn’t just another win. It was almost total domination on the line of scrimmage for both the offense and defense. The defense,… I think this is the best front seven I have ever seen in football. Period. If this post had a great category,… the Alabama D would be mentioned. The offense was very good. Coker had a good, solid game. The line protected fairly well against a good LSU pass rush. And Derrick Henry,… what can you say? He played lights out and probably put himself in the Heisman race. Leonard Fournette is still the guy to beat I would think though.


The Bad,…. Yes,… there was bad too. Nine penalties for the Tide. Nine. The team must improve on that. Of those nine penalties, four resulted in first downs for the Tigers. Focus, focus, focus.


The Ugly,…. Fumbling the ball. Bama has to stop turning the ball over. That one fumble gave the Tigers an opportunity deep in Bama territory and they took advantage of it.


With all of that said,… I’m extremely proud for this team and watching them grow as a team has been one of the highlights of the season for me. Bama may lead in the West now but there is still a lot of football to be played against a good Mississippi St team and an improving auburn team. Roll Tide!!

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