Thursday, November 12, 2015

Alabama vs Mississippi St,… Nov 14th,….


This one scares me a bit. Coming off an emotional win last week the Tide cannot let emotions carry over into this game. They also are on the road in a very hostile Bulldog fenced in back yard. Those cowbells will be ringing and it will be loud.

The main reason this game worries me is Dak Prescott. Right now he is all of their offense. Control him, win the game. Sounds easy huh? Last week the LSU offense played right into Bamas hands as that is the style offense Bamas defense handles the best. State runs a pure spread offense and this type of game has had Bama on its heals more often that not. State has a good passing game with a couple of tall receivers. This could pose a mismatch for the Tide defenders. I do think Bamas D line controls State in the trenches and providing pressure on Mr Prescott will be what the Bama D has to do in order to win the game. They will do just that. Bama wins a close one, 24-20.

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