Sunday, November 1, 2015

Coaches On The Hot Seat,….


Georgia,….. Mark Richt. After yesterdays ugly loss to Florida, the message boards exploded in a bad way for the Georgia coach. Picked each year to finish high in the SEC East,… Georgia has continued to underachieve and disappoint. There comes a point in time when a school and their head coach needs to part ways. The time has come for the Georgia football program.



Auburn,…. Gus Malzahn. Watching the auburn offense operate, it is clear the GusBus needs repairs. In more ways than one. Not only with player personnel but also coaching. Some of the decisions made in the Ole Miss game by the head coach were horrible. It is one thing to recruit well and they have. They have the talent. They are not developing that talent. Malzahn showed he is over his head coaching in the SEC and probably needs to go back to coaching high school or possibly D2 football.



Texas,… Charlie Strong. Texas, a once proud program that boasts league championships and national championships has fallen into despair. The program started falling apart shortly after Alabama dismantled them for the National Championship in 2010. Mack Brown, the coach at the time, should have stepped down sooner but he hung around a bit too long and the program seemed to suffer because of it. So all of this isn’t entirely Strongs doing but, the Longhorns alum and fans need to be kept happy. He isn’t doing that. There are two things that will probably save his job. One,.. he beat the Sooners, two, his buyout is near 21 million. That could be too rich for even the Texas alum. Strong is a good coach but like Malzahn, is probably in over his head. The Miami job might better suit him because expectations aren’t as high in Miami as they are in Texas. 

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