Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Santa Land,… Hwy 72 Rogersville,….


Santa Land opens in just 10 days,…. Be sure to visit their facebook page HERE and click “like” to keep up with current info and contests.

Here are a few of the reviews from their facebook page,…


It was great! The lights outside were awesome (all of the kids loved them), my little one wanted to watch the reindeer all night, and the cookie decorating was such a cute idea. We loved all of it. As far as wait time goes, we have waited just as long in line at the mall to see Santa in past years and I much prefer standing in this line with the lights and reindeer to watch. 2 hour wait = worth every minute. We had a blast and can't wait to make a family tradition out of it!


Adorable place ! Beautifully decorated, my girls loved it - something to see around every corner. The Santa was great , as were the dressed up characters. Free photo with your admission , well worth the price compared to what you pay for the Mall Santa's. It was a bit crowded and pretty cold standing in line but worth the wait - will definitely come back next year ! Finally happy to see there is somewhere nearby like this to take our children for Christmas without having to travel an hour away.


Love how it was close to home and how convenient it was parking was great and standing in line moved pretty good considering it was cold and different picture you could take while you were there . The kids enjoyed themselves and then they got to enjoy the Kitchen with Miss Clause hot chocolate and and donut .it was worth it



  1. Disappointed in the quality of the picture and Santa isn't even smiling! Not worth the $25 admission price and $12 fee for the 1 5x7! They deleted my feedback and blocked me so now I cannot post or respond to their posts on facebook! Crappy way to do business and very unprofessional!

    1. LOL this lady has posted on everything on the net! Classic harassing communications at it's best she is the poster child for it lol. I don't get it she looked at the photo, and approved it, we printed it and she bought it? NOW SHES NOT HAPPY? We blocked her due to the many messages we received on her comments. I get it, you get it, people reading this gets it, the world gets it! YOUR NOT HAPPY! It's time to move on this is not about you! This is about people going something to help others in need! You should focus your energy on doing the same thing! MERRY CHRISTMAS remember even the Grinch's heart grew and yours can too!

  2. LOL,.. Thanks for the reply Shane. You've got a good thing out there. Keep up the good work.