Monday, November 16, 2015

You Can Quit,…..


Yes you can. Smoking is a costly habit. Health wise more importantly for sure but also in terms of your house if you smoke inside like I did. I don’t know how much clothes I ended up throwing away because of nicotine stains. Granted, I was smoking close to 3 packs a day. But still,… it is very costly.

A pack of smokes runs close to $5 a pack now. Times 3 that is $15 a day, $105 per week. That is a lot of greenbacks. But even looking at the cost in this way, if you don’t have the desire, the want to, to quit. you won’t. For me personally, I had to get to the point I didn’t enjoy it anymore. This is a lot of the battle. You gotta wanna. You have to have the will to quit. Here is an online site that could help you. QUIT The Quitline is a free telephone service that can help you quit smoking. Services include coaching, a personalized quit plan, and eight weeks of free nicotine patches if enrolled in the coaching program and medically eligible. But,… if you were like me,… spending $105 per week for smokes,… the nicotine patches were like $45 for a months supply. So saying you cannot afford the patch is bogus. You are already saving money. You owe it to yourself to quit. You owe it to your family, friends, coworkers and everyone around you. It is a nasty stinky addiction. It is more than a habit. It isn’t easy to quit,… I struggled but kept on keeping on and so glad I did. The Great American Smokeout is coming Thursday, November 19th,… There isn’t a better time to quit,… Come on,… you can do it.

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