Monday, December 28, 2015

Star Wars,.... The Force Awakens,... My Thoughts,....

In a galaxy far far away,.... The movie opens with the familiar script foretelling what you are about to see. I hope to give my thoughts, briefly without giving anything away to future movie goers.

We waited 10 years from the Revenge of the Sith until now, the new release of The Force Awakens. My son, an avid SW fan commented,....
 "The Force Awakens was pure gold. It felt old and new at the same time. True movie magic, the entire audience clapped and cheered. I'm going to watch it several more times, but it honestly might be my favorite. Whether you're a fan or not, go see it." That is a fairly accurate synopsis of the new release. 
That is not to say I was a bit disappointed because I was. For a reason I won't disclose here due to some haven't seen the movie but also I'm not sure what I was expecting was fulfilled in the movie. I think it was a case of wanting more at the end and they certainly left it wide open to do so. 

Was the movie worth my time? Oh yes, most definitely. It really did feel old and new at the same time. Oh and the popcorn wasn't bad either. 

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