Saturday, December 12, 2015

Tonight's Heisman Presentation,…. A Thug Won’t Win,…

I’ve been critical of winners of the Heisman Trophy in the past. Players like Jameis Winston, Johnny Manziel, Cam Newton disgraced what the Heisman is all about. Sure,… performance on the field is part of it. A major part. But what one does off the field plays into it too. Integrity, character to name a couple of characteristics. Something that neither Jameis, Johnny or Cam knew while playing college ball. They were thugs. They made the Heisman less of a worthy trophy just because they won it.

This year,…. Integrity and character will be restored in who ever wins. All three candidates have shown class on and off the field. Of course my choice is a bit biased. But to lose out to one of the other two won’t be that bad. Derrick has already cleaned up on other major awards. Good luck tonight Derrick!!

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