Sunday, January 10, 2016

Alabama Crimson Tide vs Clemson Tigers,.... For All The Marbles,...

To be honest, at the start of the season I had no idea Bama would be here. In fact, I would have bet against them. The SEC was just too good in the West and the Georgia game still loomed. Alabama can thank Arkansas for helping them get here. Ole Miss proved to be a more than worthy opponent in defeating the Tide for a second year in a row. Now on to this game,....

I have preached and preached line play. The big uglies. It all starts at the line of scrimmage on BOTH sides of the ball. To run or pass efficiently you have to block your man. You have to control him. This is a battle that a team must win in order to be successful.

The Tide offensive line vs the Clemson defensive line is close. Closer than the Michigan St line was. The Tide can win this battle and help Derrick have success running the ball, while giving Jake time to throw. The Alabama defensive line should control the Tiger line and put pressure on their Heisman candidate, DeShaun Watson. Watson is a duel threat QB that will have to warrant a spy on him all night. That shouldn't be a problem.

A major key for Alabama to a win is score first. Score second and keep them on their toes like a fighter in the ring. No let up. Knock the wind out of them early and often. You could see the word quit on the Michigan St players and that has to be imposed Monday night as well.

While I didn't see a shutout happening against the Spartans,... I don't here either. I do like to be wrong sometimes as I was last game. Whatever happens Monday night,... I'm proud to be a fan of the greatest college football program in existence. The Alabama Crimson Tide. Thank you guys for a great season and another National Championship as you win 28-23. Roll Tide Roll!!

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