Sunday, January 17, 2016

Walmart, Walmart, Wherefore Art Thou Walmart?,.....

Walmart, the king of the retail world is closing some of their stores,... about 102 nationwide that includes all of the Express stores and you can sprinkle in a few Walmarts, Walmart Super Centers, Neighborhood Mkts and Sams Clubs. Click here for a list of store closings.

Not only did Walmart help drive out the local mom and pop stores, nationwide, they are now moving out after raping these small towns of business. In many areas sad as it seems, Walmart was the largest job provider. So it essence, Walmart destroyed small towns twice, moving in killed local business, moving out people lose jobs.

Walmart isn't about saving you money, it is about making it for corporate.

The map above shows where and what kind of stores will close.

Remember, shopping local as much as you can provides more money for your local economy. It benefits everyone in your town.

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