Friday, February 12, 2016

A Letter of Support For Will Powell,...

Sometimes facebook can be a fantastic thing. I saw a nice post yesterday because Will Powell was tagged in it. So I sent the writer a message asking for permission to use it here and she has allowed me to share with you the contents of what she wrote. This post came from the heart and is a nice letter of support for the man that I chose as the one I would vote for and support for Judge in Lauderdale County. Mr Powell has a proven track record in the DA's office and is a fine person as well. This is what our county needs and no one is better qualified than Mr Will Powell.

Here is that letter of support that Holli Maxwell wrote and is allowing me to share it here. Thank you Holli,....

To all my Lauderdale County Friends...
Several years ago, I met a gentleman who made a lasting impression on me. I quickly took notice of him because I saw him helping a teenager. He saw a need and got involved. Something about the way he interacted with that young man made a lasting impression on me. Little did I know at the time that he would be a man I would come to know better in the coming years.
Through the years as I have gotten to know him better, I've come to know him as a friend and as a man of impeccable integrity and character. I've watched him study for hours- because of his personal thirst for knowledge. I've watched him teach his children the foundations of knowledge and education- but equally about how important it is to be of good character, decent, honest, and fair. I've watched him personally invest in the lives of others who needed an advocate- and a watchdog. I've been moved by words he has offered in prayer for his fellow man. I've watched him as the leader of his family, a constant companion to his wonderful wife, a dedicated son and brother, and irreplaceable friend. I've worked beside him at a
local food pantry for years, and opened the door to see he and his wife standing in my carport to offer support in a moment of grief.
At the same time, as I have watched him fight for justice, often in situations where he was the voice for those who had been silenced by painful, difficult, and unimaginable circumstances. I've seen similar characteristics shine through in his family. I've watched his children take direction from him on the softball field, learning to ride a bike, or in helping with chores at home- all out of respect for him. I've watched his wife support him in numerous trials- not out of obligation, but because "helping others" and supporting one another is simply what they're family does and who they're called to be. I watched them flourish as leaders within their church, civic organizations, and community- because they want Lauderdale county to be the best it can be.
I wasn't asked to write this. In fact, I won't be able to cast my vote for him because I'm not a resident of Lauderdale County, Al., but tonight as I was watching political briefings from around our fine state- I found myself wishing that more of the candidates were like Will Powell. So friends in Lauderdale county, I hope that when voting day approaches- you will have studied the candidates. I hope that you will be familiar with his countless PROFESSIONAL accomplishments, and realize that he IS highly qualified for the job of Circuit Court Judge- but beyond that, I pray that you will realize that his PERSONAL CHARACTER- who He is beyond the courtroom- makes him the Best advocate for YOUR COMMUNITY!

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