Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Word From Danny Pettus,....

A word from Danny Pettus, candidate for Lauderdale Commission Chairman. He asked for this to be shared on facebook and I'm sharing it here too,...

Dear Lauderdale County citizens, my opponent released a very negative mail piece on me, attempting to damage my good name and character. The mail piece implied that I was breaking my oath to the citizens of Commission District 1 and seeking some type of personal gain. This is utterly and completely false. 
I have attended hundreds of events all over the county, knocked thousands of doors, and made hundreds of phone calls. My opponent’s campaign knows they are behind in the polls and they are getting desperate. His out-of-town consultants hired a doorknocker from Sandy Springs, Georgia and designed a hit-piece mailer against my character.
All of my volunteers are local. I don’t want any special interest groups to run negative mailers for me; I want to keep my campaign positive, telling what I will do for our county.
I have a lifetime of experience as a preacher. I am also a small business owner who decided to run for the county commission after attending meetings for several years. The first week I was in office, I was instrumental in changing the meeting time from 11:00am to 5:00pm so the majority of citizens would be able to attend. A few months later I worked with our county engineer to resurface and redesign a road that was averaging about one wreck per month. Since the project was completed six months ago, there has not been a single wreck on this section of road. I supported the purchase of 6 new patrol SUVs for the Sheriff’s Department, along with raising the starting salary for deputies. They still are not paid what they deserve, but it is a step in the right direction.
I decided to run for Chairman of the Commission because I realized I could do what I do now plus much more when I am over the Commission office. I believe that those who come before the Commission should be treated with respect and dignity, even if the Chairman does not agree with what someone says or asks. We need a Chairman who is friendly towards everyone and who never looks down on anyone.
The Chairman of the Commission is much more than an office to hold. It is not to be used as a position of power. We need a Chairman who is a servant of the people and gives himself to improving our county and moving it forward.
Negative campaign tactics turn voters off. No matter how much mud my opponent throws at me, I will not get down in the dirt with him. I will stay positive and continue talking about what I can do for our county. I will do my best to be the Chairman you deserve. Please pray for me and our wonderful county.
I don’t have the special interest money my opponent has. I am depending on you to share this Facebook post with your friends and asking them to share it with their friends.
Sincerely, Danny Pettus

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