Sunday, February 7, 2016

Just Call Me,... Black Betty,...

Oh Black Betty,....

This is a true story that happened more years ago than I can remember. We were working for Dr Peden at his house in Kendall Gardens. I'm going to guess 15 years ago or better.

We were working outside, painting and had been there all week. Paint skims over in hot weather especially with the wind blowing. So you almost always have to strain the paint to keep from rolling the skimmed paint onto the house. This particular time I think we were spraying and the gun was stopping up.

So we look for a strainer or cheesecloth and have neither. Being industrious, we decide to ask the black housekeeper, Betty for something we could use. Betty was as nice a person as you would want to meet so we asked if she knew of any panty hose in the house. A few minutes later she comes back with some black knee highs. Perfect for straining paint. But before we do,... I have to act a fool and put one over my head. You know, like a burgler. So we all have a good laugh and now it is time to get back to work. Only one problem. They keep laughing. And pointing. I'm like what?!?!?

It seems that Betty was so nice, you know the kind that would give you the shirt off her back, that she actually gave us the knee highs off her legs. I had little black hairs about an 1/8th of an inch all over my head. It was hot and humid that day and the garden hose wouldn't even wash it off. I couldn't wait to get home and shower that day. No more hose on the head for me!!

This has been my theme song since that hot, sweaty and hairy day,...

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