Thursday, February 25, 2016

Vote Danny Pettus, Lauderdale County Commission Chairman,....

I was undecided on this race until just recently. Doing a little research on Mr Pettus and his competition, it was a no brainer. Mr Pettus has worked,... yes I used the word worked for the citizens of Lauderdale County. Don't believe me? Go here to his website and read for yourself,...  DannyPettus.Com .
Here is just an example of what you'll read there,...

Danny Pettus was born and raised right here in Lauderdale County, graduating from Rogers High School and Heritage Christian University. He was born to the late Herlon Pettus and Lethel Joiner Pettus of Greenhill, and has two children and two grandchildren, both of which still live here in North Alabama. He currently lives in Center Star with wife of 43 years, Shelly Tucker Pettus.

Brought up on a farm picking cotton and corn, Danny was taught the values of hard work and responsibility at an early age. During the summers as a teenager, he would mow yards – eventually earning himself his first “real” job maintaining the grounds at Turtle Point at the age of 15. He has worked with his hands his entire life – from working as a custodian while attending college to making mufflers for GM and Ford, to eventually getting his State Contractors License in 1999 and his Master Plumber's License in 2001. Now, he owns his own contracting business and does plumbing installs across Northwest Alabama – primarily for Lowes.

After graduating from Heritage Christian University, Danny was sent as a full-time missionary to a small church in Calhoun City, MS. He was the minister Oakman, Alabama for 11 years, and in Eva, Alabama for 4 years. He currently preaches at the Loretto Church of Christ (he has been at Loretto since 1999). His faith informs every aspect of his life and guides every decision he makes. It is his faith in Christ that drove him to run for County Commissioner and serve his community – and it is that faith that has kept him strong in the fight against corruption in our government.

In 2014, Danny was elected to the Lauderdale County Commission with 70% of the vote in the Republican Primary and 60% of the vote in the General Election – unseating a longtime incumbent Commissioner.

That sold me and it should you too. Vote Danny Pettus on March 1st for Lauderdale County Commission Chairman. 

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