Thursday, March 31, 2016

This Is Unacceptable,...

It may say "Florence Animal Control" on the trailer above, but the picture above is the result of a lack of caring from Florence City AND Lauderdale County. This picture came from the Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter from March 29. These are dogs waiting to be put into an already over crowded shelter. That is the reason for them being outside. While they need fosters desperately, the public has to be educated and informed about spay/neuter. I blame the city AND county for these animals being outside. I blame lack of education.

Have you ever noticed areas that are low income in town? Two things I've noticed. They have a dog and they smoke cigarettes. Yeah, yeah,... laugh. But this is mostly true. It is just an observation of mine. Poor people have dogs they cannot afford but yet, can spend $5 for a pack of smokes. Like I said, that's just an observation.

The new director is stepping into a large do-do pile and she will need all the help she can get. She won't get it from the city or county apparently. They have drawn out the building of a new shelter way too long. They seem to have bigger fish to feed. Remember that when they come up for re-election. But I hope the new director is given the chance to operate it in a way that can be successful. Preach education, inform the public about spay/neuter and get with area vets and provide affordable services to spay/neuter. Because these poor people cannot afford it but they can afford to smoke and will continue to have a dog or cat.

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