Friday, April 22, 2016

Purple Rain,....

It isn't often I do two blog posts in a day but this one is kind of special. By now the world knows that Prince has died. As I sat at the computer yesterday, facebook open of course, I saw a post that was shared from TMZ saying Prince has died. I thought it was another one of those "Betty White has died" things so I didn't think much of it. Betty White has died numerous times and TMZ isn't what I consider a reliable news source. Then I saw another post that was shared from Fox and from there it just seemed to spiral as post after post were about Prince. They continue this morning and it really makes me sad. Prince was my generations Jimi Hendrix. I personally would rate Prince in the top 10 guitarists that have ever picked up the instrument. He was just as good at song writing having written songs for many other artists such as Madonna, Shelia E, Stevie Nicks just to name a few. 

RIP Prince,... This is one artist that will be missed. 

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