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As "Goode" As It Gets,....

Well okay,... maybe the title to this blog is a bit cheesy,.. Goode isn't pronounced good but if it made you click to view,... then it worked.

August 23rd should prove to be a historic day for the city of Florence. Voters need to make informed decisions in their district and for mayor of our city. While I was excited to see the current mayor run for office, Mickey has been a major disappointment in the fact that he simply tried to please everyone. Things haven't gotten done or started and priorities have been a major let down. It is time to change before things get worse.

Susan Romine Goode is the person for the job. We need fresh ideas and fresh leadership throughout in city hall and this is the place to start. I've known Susan for more years than I'll count and one thing I can say, she is the same now as she was years ago in junior high. She is consistent.

Our class at Coffee High just recently got together before they tear the school building down and I had a chance to talk to her a bit. I am excited she is running for mayor. She will be an asset for the city.

Here is her page on facebook Goode For Florence be sure to add that page and keep up with what is happening. I do want to share a bio she shared on the page,.... just to introduce you to her.

Dear Family and Friends,
Because I consider you very important to me and my family, I want to personally announce to you that I will be running for Mayor of Florence in the upcoming August 2016 election. This was not a quick decision, but after much consideration and discussion with my family I felt
it was time for me to step forward, get involved more,
and make this commitment to the City of Florence and its citizens.
For those of you that are acquainted with me but do not know my personal and business background, I want to provide it to you. Since 2003, I have been an exclusive agent with Horace Mann Insurance. Horace Mann Insurance is corporation that is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock symbol “HMN”. The Company was founded by educators to provide insurance and financial solutions for educators and those who work with school systems. Because of my performance level with the Company I was allowed the opportunity to secure ownership of my agency in 2010. My agency office is in downtown Florence and I employ two licensed agents.
Prior to being an agent with Horace Mann I worked in the Lauderdale County School System. I was the attendance secretary at Brooks High School for almost 10 years. Working at Brooks allowed me be very involved with my children’s school related activities as well as provide much needed extra income for my family. While at Brooks, I was the volunteer coach of the tennis team, as well as the scholar bowl, envirobowl, science paper reading, and cross country track chaperon. It was a very fulfilling
experience working in the Lauderdale County school system
with its dedicated employees and students. As an agent for Horace Mann, I still get to work with the employees of the Lauderdale system as well as all the systems in Colbert, Limestone, and parts of Franklin County. Before that job, I worked as a sales agent for a specialty advertising company, calling on and working with TVA, school systems, and local businesses.
Because of the work ethic learned from my grandparents and parents, I have worked all my life. I started as a YMCA camp counselor at age 16, and worked as a bookkeeper and floral arranger at a local florist while still in high school. Thanks to my vocational technology training, I was able to
become a bookkeeper in an accounting firm when I graduated
from high school, helping on several occasions with the audit for the City of Florence. Before my children were old enough to start school I would work periods of time with my previous employers, holidays at the florist, tax season at the accounting firm as well as working the holiday season at the mall. I could not have worked these jobs without the help and support of my mother and father who adored their grandchildren and loved the opportunity to spoil them.
My son, Russell, is now 32 and is finishing a fellowship in Orthopedic Trauma Surgery at Columbia, MO. He graduated from the University of South Alabama and also graduated medical school at that university. He and his beautiful wife of three years, Sarah, will be returning to Mobile this summer for him to join a private practice there.
My daughter, Valerie, just turned 30. She graduated from the University of North Alabama and has worked for Social Security since 2009, first in Birmingham and now in Florence. In 2014 Valerie married Brandon Jones, owner of BA Jones Electric, which instantly blessed me with a wonderful 5 year old grandson named Caden.
My parents, Dimple Whitehead Romine and Mack H Romine, were married for 62 years. Every day they treated each other with the love, respect and kindness that should be the cornerstone of any good marriage and true partnership. They were both a shining example to me and my brothers of how good; kind, hard-working, honest people lived. My mom passed away in 2009, I still miss her every day. My dad is going strong at age 93. He is a WWII Navy Veteran; I think he may now be the oldest living member of IBEW 558. He is an electrician who retired from Reynolds Metals Co.
I love Florence. My children are the 5th generation to grow up in the county. From Mrs. Pickard’s 1st grade class at Weeden Elementary School to Mr. Smith handing me my diploma at Coffee High School, this is where I received my education. From commercial fishing as a small child on
Wilson Lake with my grandfather to working in our public school
system when I was a young mother, to running my own successful small business, this is where I have worked and lived. I grew up in the joy and character of this city; I truly am its daughter.
An effective Mayor should have the drive and ability to turn a vision and intentions into actions. Being a small business owner, I have implemented processes that enable my business to grow and evolve with the changing environment. A successful process understands that visions must also be grounded in reality. I want to build a government that is accountable and transparent to its people, and one that is innovative in how it identifies and solves its problems and establishes its priorities.
I am not a politician; I have never run for public office, I don’t walk the traditional pathway of politics. Those tired well-worn paths are not going to lead us into the future this city deserves. I am not a former mayor, councilman, legislator, or even the daughter of a well-connected family. I am the daughter of a working class family. I am the mother of two wonderful adults; I have been a public school employee, a volunteer coach, a community activist, and a business owner. I feel I have the vision, the energy, and the fortitude to move this city into a future of actions and opportunities. Aristotle said “you will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor” Join with me and have the courage to make the changes needed to move this city forward.
Your vote on August 23, 2016 and your support throughout this campaign are greatly appreciated.
Susan Romine Goode

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