Friday, May 20, 2016

Brian Peden Gets Away With Murder,... Literally,...

Criminally negligent homicide. With a possible year to serve. And that just depends on the sentence imposed by Judge Jones. Why is this kid allowed to skate? Why was the charge not a stiffer one? What happened? The jury picking was brilliant. Don't put a woman on the jury that would possibly show sympathy to the victim and her family. This kid has been allowed to do as he pleases since his high school days. I blogged about this case when it first happened and how he was allowed to not suffer any consequences in a minor accident at Florence High School. You can read that here,...
Think about these two things. Things that stood out in my mind during the trial. He had Xanax in his system at the time of the accident. No prescription. And guess what? No charges for drugs found in his system. Also, going 84 mph in a 45 mph zone. Ms Brannon's car was said to be going around 27 mph and upon impact, her vehicle jumped to 50+ mph. The paper also said he suffered from seizures. And he is still allowed to drive? Well apparently he wasn't having a seizure because he got out and checked on the victim and then went back to his truck and sat down, according to a witness. 84 mph on Darby Drive,.. think about that.

This is a message I received at the time of the accident and I do feel that if he hadn't been allowed to get by with other accidents, he might have learned to take responsibility for his actions. Sadly, it is too late.

A couple of years ago, I told you about a football player pulling out of the FloHS parking lot and hitting my van. I was very upset at the way the resource officer and another FloPo handled it. The boy was obviously driving recklessly and had no proof of insurance. But the FloPD just gave him the nod and turned the whole thing around on me. I wrote a message to the FloPD warning them that letting him go just because he was a football player was setting him up to think that he could get away with murder - and it looks like he might. This is the same boy in the article below. Such a tragedy for the woman killed and this boy and his family as well. I will always wonder if the police had stepped up and done their job that day if would have made a difference."

I cannot begin to feel what the Brannon family is feeling right now My condolences to them. I'm sorry the justice system let you down.
I just read an article on the trial from earlier in the week,... from the TimesFaily,...
 "Gurley testified Peden seemed “lethargic” when he talked with him.
Case questioned Gurley about a field sobriety test, but the officer said he did not conduct one because of the severity of the crash."     That should be THE time a field sobriety test should have been done.


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  2. Thank you for your condolences!!!! He murdered Shirley and with system letting him off its just a matter of time before he does this again.We will fight for justice!!!!

  3. Thank you for the comment. I think you are absolutely right. I pass by there a lot on Darby,... I always look at the cross.

  4. Thank you for the support!!!! We will be replacing the bow and flowers on the pole that was stolen off mothers day night!!!!! Circumstance......I think not!!!!

  5. Stolen,... wow,... Sometimes I have trouble finding the right words,... this is one of those times.

  6. Keep praying and keep fighting!!!! Your voices will be heard!!!!!!