Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Goode For Florence Part II,.....

Part II of Goode For Florence continues today starting with, defining our cities priorities.


1. We need to plan our projects efficiently and finish them timely.  Over half of our capital projects included in the $19.34 million capital project bond issued in August 2013 have not been started or completed.

2. We need to borrow money when we are ready to build, not when we are thinking about building and have no specific plan in place.  We have spent over a million dollars in interest (actually closer to two million) on money borrowed for projects that still have no specific plan or start date.

3. The completion of things we need (essential services) should come before the completion of things we would like to have.  Why have we broken ground on street-scaping and our Indian Mound museum before we have built an animal shelter or a Senior Citizen center?

4. Develop and define the plan for our city’s future, one that extends beyond today or tomorrow.  How can we achieve our long term goals and get where we want to be when we don’t have a map of where we want to go?

5. In March 2013 a new animal shelter was listed “at the top” of the capital projects list, money was borrowed in August 2013, a few other projects on the list have begun construction.  What does “at the top” really mean?

6. August 2014 Times Daily article quotes Mayor Haddock regarding animal shelter “We hope to put (construction specifications) out to bid in the next 60-90 days.” “I want to get that started as soon as possible”.

7. Same August 2014 Times Daily article quotes Councilman Jordan “getting a new Indian Mound museum is one of my top priorities.”  We now have our Indian Mound in process but still no animal shelter or Senior Center plan in place.


1. Since 2013, we have paid over a million dollars in interest on money borrowed that continues to sit un-used.  Would you borrow money from the bank to build your house, before you had bought your land or had house plans drawn, then wait three years to start construction?

2. We are still sitting on over $10,000,000 of borrowed bond money as of our last city audit dated 9-30-15, paying interest without building value.

3. We are currently spending taxpayer dollars maintaining and paying utilities on the old Florence Country Club, a property we do not own, while still paying interest on the money that was borrowed for the development of a senior center.

4. Have we done any studies or analysis of current services or facilities to determine where tax dollars really should be spent first?  Should we spend millions on building and maintaining a facility only to find out later that our attendance or usage of the facility is minimal?


1. We should partner with our businesses that have invested in our city.  Affordable and reliable shuttle services that can be used by all citizens to carry them between downtown Florence, the harbor area, our parks, Cox Creek shopping district and other designated stops.
2. I want to promote partnerships with our surrounding cities.  We should be working together on marketing that would promote tourism, relocation of businesses and bring retirees to our area to live.  Together we can have a strong impact and voice.   We should not be competing against each other as we often do now.

3. Explore municipal broadband options for our city which would allow additional internet options for our businesses and its citizens.

4. We should work with SEDA (Shoals Economic Development Authority), UNA (University of North Alabama) and NWSCC (Northwest Shoals Community College) to provide the jobs needed to employ and retain our graduating work force in the community.


1. I want to develop an efficient and effective management team within our city.

2. We need to develop partnerships within our city as well as partnerships outside the municipal building.  Partnering within our municipality gives us efficient use of taxpayer dollars.  Partnering with others outside brings us opportunities for innovative thinking and learning outside our organizational boundaries.

3. It is essential to develop an evaluation process for the city’s departments which would encourage and reward departments and employees for efficiency and those working toward higher standards for customer service.

4. I want to implement a standard that requires careful planning in regards to the spending of taxpayer dollars.

5. I want to implement term limits for the City Council and Mayor..


I want to thank Susan for the opportunity to share her platform and ideas for our city. She has really impressed me with her knowledge and things she has accomplished as far as preparing to run. She has done her homework.  I truly believe that Susan will be "Goode" for Florence.

If you need any yard signs or know of a place one can be put, contact her via facebook here 

Also,.... if you aren't registered to vote,... it is easy to do and you can do it online  AlabamaVotes They can also mail you a form if you prefer. They also have a 1-800 number so get registered. 

Get registered,.... go vote and do your own homework on the candidates. Make an informed decision. 

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