Friday, May 13, 2016

Sherwin-Williams,... Your Paint Store,...

Most of you know that I try to promote local, mom and pop businesses. Rarely do I promote a chain or a big box type of establishment. This would be one of those rare times. Why, you ask?

Simple. Our work, our reputation as painters rely on certain things. One of course is our ability to paint,... our honesty is also of utmost importance, And also the products we use. We try to use the best and we try to always use Sherwin-Williams products. Sometimes we have to use other products because of  customer preference, but when it is our choice, it is Sherwin-Williams.

Our local Sherwin-Williams is located on Florence Blvd and they carry most anything the professional or DIYer would want or need. They also are very knowledgeable and helpful. Bevan and Nickey and the staff there can do it all. From mixing the right colors to matching anything you might bring in. We have literally cut a square out of a wall to use as a sample and they matched it. They have really helped us out several times and provided great service as well. Good folks, good products and you can not go wrong shopping there for all of your painting needs.

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