Monday, June 20, 2016

Have You "Frazzled" Lately?,......

Okay,... so I went into this boutique. The one on the corner of Chisholm and Pine St. You know,... the best little corner in Florence. I have blogged them before but had never been in there. So,... with that said,... if I were looking for clothes as a gift,... this would be the first place I'd go to.

Not only was I impressed with the selection but I was also impressed with the employee that was there. She was very polite, courteous and pleasant.  Have you ever been in a store and the hired help acted like they just didn't want to be there? That wasn't the case Saturday as we shopped. Great experience and Donna found a few things too. Very reasonably priced also I might add.

They have a wide variety of sizes along with selection. Be sure to follow them on facebook Frazzled Boutique and Embroidery....  So you can keep up with the latest sales,... And guys,... if you are looking for clothes as a gift,... they will be more than glad to help you.

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