Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tennis Anyone?,.....

Yes, the city was asked to build tennis courts. But not just any courts. A facility that could offer tournaments of United States Tennis Association caliber. I'm not sure the current mayor and council understand the economic impact this could have on not only Florence but the entire Shoals area. Hotels, restaurants, shopping and visits to places like the Keller birthplace, Popes Tavern, the new Indian Mound Museum, the list in basically endless. The economic impact cannot even be imagined at this point. This could be one of the biggest selling points of our area all the while bringing in dollars. That is one reason of many, that I have to vote for Susan Goode. She has vision for our city and community we call the Shoals. Here are some of her thoughts with facts to back those up. Please consider her for your choice as mayor of Florence. Thanks once again Susan for letting me share this.


 With our municipal elections coming up August 23rd I think it is very important to point out a few details regarding the tennis development at Veterans Park. An architect was hired, but he was hired by Tourism, not your city council or mayor. Tourism does not have the ability or authority to develop Veterans Park. The tennis complex was scaled down from its original tournament size due to "we don't have the money to build it" at one development meeting. Then, at the next meeting, it was announced additional ball fields were to be added at the Sportsplex (in conjunction with the tennis development for overflow practice at a cost of $3,000,000), a facility we have already previously invested approximately $13,000,00. The money currently discussed for tennis development is $4,000,000 with an additional $2,000,000 to be spent on infrastructure for the park. The $2,000,000 is money that will have to be spent for any development, and should not be included as a cost of the tennis project.
It is important to note that neither the city council nor mayors office have voiced their support or taken steps to insure this development will move forward. This is an election year. This is the opportunity for the tennis community to stand together and vote together! We all understand the economic impact this development can bring to our city if done correctly with the right leadership.
I am running for mayor of the city of Florence, you know where I stand.

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