Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Comfortable Holster,...

The picture above is a holster I purchased after a little research. The holster is from N82 Tactical. Visit their website Click Here,.... The photo above is what the company calls the Original. This is an inside the waste band holster. They have a couple of more upgrades of the version so I thought I would try this one to see if I liked it. Being new to conceal carry I had some questions. Comfort and concealing my gun was two things I figured was very important. Not wanting to be flashy while carrying because not everyone approves of doing so, so I didn't want to draw attention to the fact I do carry. And too, I don't want to give someone the opportunity to try to grab it from me. Comfort also plays into it and what caught my eye first about this holster was it didn't seem to allow the handle to touch my skin. I liked that thought. I wasn't disappointed in my purchase. It does allow me to conceal well and it is comfortable. Tanned leather on the outside with suede on the inside touching your skin. Neoprene is in between the two for a really comfortable fit. I may upgrade to the professional series later but it will be when this one wears out. You almost forget it is there.  

Here is a video that shows the differences in the versions they have,

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