Monday, July 25, 2016

Best Of The Best,.....

Things we like,....  We all have things we prefer. You do and so do I. Some things just can't be or shouldn't be substituted. For instance, canned corn. Del Monte and Green Giant are okay with me. Off brands not so much. You just don't substitute off brands for name brands when buying canned vegetables. I hear people say "oh the off brands are just as good". No they aren't. You may have convinced yourself of that but you won't convince me.

I like what I like,... and to save a few cents on an item and give up so much quality just isn't worth it to me. I won't shop at Aldi's for that very reason. Not even for their produce. Like I said, I like what I like and off brands just don't cut the mustard with me.

Speaking of mustard,... that is a staple in my house. I don't do the off brands here, but I don't do the gourmet brands either. French's brand is just fine. Any of their mustards whether it be brown, spicy or just plain. Good stuff.

Mayonnaise is another must have. Kraft sits in our fridge. There are a couple of other brands that could do in a pinch, but Kraft is it here at the Corner. And please,.... NO SALAD DRESSING,... gross.

Tater chips,... While Golden Flake is the chip brand that sponsors great football and back in the day, the Bear Bryant Show on tv,... they just don't fly here,.... Lays Potato chips is a must have. Every thing from potato chips, corn chips, Cheeto's,... they have the best taste of any chip on the market. I will however stray from time to time with Golden Flakes pork skins,... they are good.

   Ice cream,... Oh how we missed Blue Bell Ice Cream when they were gone. So glad they are back because nothing else comes close. Unless it might be home made or snow cream. And that happens very little.  But out of the freezer,... it has the be Blue Bell. I may have to get some vanilla to go with my Hershey's Chocolate Syrup today.

BBQ sauces are a dime a dozen. I used to make my own or if I didn't have time, I would get something like Kraft and "doctor" it up. The Jack Daniels and other brands were just garbage to me. So Kraft and I formed a bond,.... that is until I found Sweet Baby Rays. I purchased some for the first time a few years ago and dipped my pinky into the bottle to sample it. I had to double dip. I couldn't think of anything I needed to add to it to satisfy my taste buds. It is the best off the shelf sauce off the shelf I have found.

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