Sunday, July 17, 2016

I Got Nothin,...

Literally,... I have nothing. I felt almost numb today. Numb and nauseated. I do not understand how in the name of justice these animals can justify their deeds. I would call them thugs but that is too nice a word for them. They are nothing but low life scum. The black lives matters group is right there with them even if they didn't pull the trigger. They have the same terrorist mentality. Police officers are dead. Ambushed. Cowards are targeting police officers. I'm sick of it. Hopefully this won't strike close to home, but if I am nearby and can help if it does,.... I hope I have enough thoughts about me to help. God bless our police and all the public servants who serve and protect us.

Lord,.... I do not understand why these things happen. I can't comprehend the hate people have in their hearts. That might be a good thing Lord. Be with those that have lost loved ones because of ignorance, bigotry and hate recently. Those in Dallas and Baton Rouge. Be with those families, friends and loved ones that are left to deal with the loss. Bless them Lord as only you can. Thank you for the privilege of  prayer so that we might get some kind of relief from our own struggles of trying to make sense of things that happen around us. It is in Jesus name we pray,..... Amen.