Thursday, August 25, 2016

Isabella's Boutique,....

Okay,... I know you ladies like to shop. You go to great lengths to hunt, find and purchase the latest apparel and fashion jewelry.  You are like the lioness hunting for your lion cubs when it comes to shopping. In other words,... you go to great lengths to get what you want to wear. 

There is a new shop of sorts,... a boutique if you will, located on Highway 157 next to Victoria's Tanning and Hair, just past the Underwood VFD on Cloverdale RD. I say "of sorts" because she has been there since the Spring so the store isn't quite brand new. 
Be sure to add them on facebook by clicking Isabella's Boutique.

Need new threads for football season,.. Isabella's has what you need.

From the latest apparel to fashion jewelry,... Isabella's will make you smile. Stop by and give them a look.  

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