Monday, August 15, 2016

My Choices For Mayor and the Florence City Council,...

August the 23rd is quickly approaching as the day set aside to go to the polls and vote. Florence will select a mayor and council seats and hopefully there will be new faces leading our city soon. I am of the opinion in this election to vote them all out. We can with the exception of District 2. That district will still be owned and operated by Dick Jordan. For the next election, please, someone run against him.

As for as the race for mayor goes,... Susan Goode is the most qualified hands down. From the time we talked back in April,... I said it then and I'm repeating myself now. She simply has done her homework. Every time we talk I become more and more impressed. She will serve our city well. Our current leadership from this spot seems to think he can be friends with everybody. He has not brought in jobs, roads are deteriorating and projects are either not done or haven't been started or are just starting. Basically the only thing the mayor has done is show up at Chamber of Commerce grand openings for new businesses where another business has closed. That's not growth. But he was always sporting a new bow tie and grinning from ear to ear. I voted for him last time, but he has been a big disappointment.

District 1,... This one is an either or but either new candidate will serve their district well I think. Yolanda Johnson and Kaytrina Simmons both will be an improvement for that district. I am leaning towards Yolanda Johnson though.

District 2,.... . Like I said above, please next time someone run for this spot. That district needs new leadership and the city needs fresh ideas.

District 3,.... David Bradley gets my vote here. He is young and energetic and will bring fresh ideas to the table. Ask yourself D3,... what has your current councilman done for you?

District 4,... Michelle Rupe Eubank would be my choice for this district. Either candidate would be new serving here and while I don't know much about either,... She would get the nod from what I do now.

District 5,.... I mentioned David Bradley was young,... District 5 could be served by 18 year old Chase Holecombe. I was very impressed with his matureness and thoughts on running for city council. I listened to him on KISS-FM one morning as they interviewed him and he won me over for that district. He is a smart young man that could represent his distinct well. And before you say, he doesn't have the experience,.. neither do 11 of the others running for either mayor or for the council. So that argument "don't hold water."

District 6,.... Another district where the leadership has been stale. Although the current councilman, like the mayor, shows up to eat the food at nearly every Chamber of Commerce grand opening, new leadership would do well with Jim Fisher serving. He has a local business and isn't into the "good ole boy" politics. Jim would be an asset to the council and serve D6 well.

The important thing is vote informed. Do your homework on the candidate and make an informed decision.

Hopefully soon we can see Susan Goode as mayor,... Yolanda Johnson, David Bradley, Michelle Eubank, Chase Holecombe and Jim Fisher serving us in the city of Florence Al. Good luck to these candidates.
Here are a couple of videos of the candidates I'll be supporting,... 

These were the only two videos on youtube posted of candidates I support. But these two are important ones and may help you to decide on a candidate.

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  1. I agree with you on Susan Goode ! I am very impressed every time I hear her speak !