Saturday, August 6, 2016

My SEC East & West Picks For 2016,....

I have wanted to do this blog post since probably June. Then I really wanted to do it during the SEC media days. Then I lost the urge to do it because this is a tough one to do. In the East it boils down to three teams basically. Florida, Georgia or Tennessee all will challenge for the top spot with head to head competition between the three being the deciding factor. With 18 returning starters,.... I have to give the edge right now to the Volunteers. Experience, like defenses, wins championships and Tennessee has that this year. Florida is rebuilding a bit and Georgia just rebuilt its coaching staff so it will take the Dawgs some time to adjust. Tennessee is my favorite to win the East.

Over in the West, it is a slightly different scenario. Ole Miss is supposed to be good, but I think they are in somewhat of a rebuilding year. Even with Chad Kelly returning for his senior year, he has to have a supporting cast, both on offense and on the defensive side. They will lose a couple of  games they might could have won last year. LSU,.... man what can you say about those Bengal Tigers. I like Leonard Fournette a lot. He is my personal choice for the Heisman this year but he can't do it alone. Unless the quarterback play improves, LSU won't win the SEC West. Fournette is good, but like Kelly from Ole Miss, he can't do it alone. I do hope ole Les keeps his job again this year. Then we have Alabama. It is my hope that I'm never called a Bama homer. Meaning, I pick Alabama just because I'm a Bama fan. If you have ever read my past predictions of games, my picking the winners of the conference, then you know I don't always pick the Tide to win. Time after time I was wrong. Coach Saban has often proven he was well worth the money to get him to Tuscaloosa. He has made my picks look silly,.... with that said, how can you not pick Bama to repeat as SEC West Champions and to beat the Vols for a second time to win the SEC Championship? I do have to go with my beloved Tide this year,... I just hope we get a QB.

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