Sunday, August 21, 2016

Please Help If You Can and Pray,....

This from Dan's facebook page,....

The Jason Fox Children's Memorial Fund will be at Wells Fargo Bank. 
My grandchildren will need some help with various expenses in the coming months and years. 
In case you haven't heard, my son Jason was brutally murdered Friday in Muscle Shoals. 
He was 39, a good Christian man who loved his family and his children.
I had this ready to blog and just hadn't yet. Now it seems the MSPD has made an arrest. 
Jason's wife, Erica has been arrested for conspiracy to commit murder. This means that the above post from Dan is even more important. The children have lost both parents and will rely on the grandparents. If you can, donate. If you pray, pray for not only the children, but the grandparents and family as well. I'm sure the Muscle Shoals Police Department could use a few as well and pray for justice. 

I know Dan through dealing with him a few times at his gun store and he is just a super guy. This whole ordeal has just been tragic. I cannot imagine the pain the family is going through and now to have to deal with this. It breaks my heart. Prayers Dan,...

There are 2 locations of Wells Fargo banks locally,... Dr. Hicks Blvd and Cox Creek at Florence Blvd.  

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