Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Alabama at Ole Miss,....

Revenge? Yeah maybe a little bit. For the Bama players it's hard not to think in those terms. But,... where coaching comes into play is keeping the players from getting on an emotional high and causing mistakes and penalties like last year. Focus on the task at hand and forget the past.  Bama beat themselves with sloppy play last year. They cannot afford to let it happen again. If the Hogs of Arky hadn't lent a helping hand,... Bama wouldn't have won a 16th championship last year.

This years game will be tough because it is on hostile ground. Bama will have to corral the self proclaimed "Best quarterback in the country" and with Bama's defense and a chip on their shoulder too,... Chad Kelly will have to play his best for sure.

Bama counters with a true freshman more than likely. Jalen Hurts hasn't seen a game of this proportion,... ever. He may be fighting off the butterflies as much as the defenders for a bit. Hurts will have to grow up in a hurry come game time.

Ole Miss can certainly pull off the upset Saturday. Bama is favored by 10 right now. But for the Rebels to do so they will have to find a running game and the secondary is suspect a bit. If Ole Miss does beat Bama without Bama beating Bama (which is highly possible), then Alabama needs to reevaluate where they are at for the year.

Bama takes this one on the road,.... Alabama 31  Ole Miss 24,.... Roll Tide and may the football gods smile on the Tide!!  

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