Sunday, September 4, 2016

How The SEC Teams Looked To Me,...

Well,... Week one is in the books for all of the SEC teams with the exception of Ole Miss. They play Florida St Monday night. 

So, with week one out of the way,.... what did we learn? Here are my thoughts on each team. 

SEC West

Alabama,.... Even though Jalen Hurts had a good debut,... No one has been named as the starter just yet. Bama has a lot of issues on both sides of the ball. The defensive line has to have some depth. Someone needs to step up in that role and in the running back position as well. Bo Scarborough was billed as the nest Derrick Henry. He is no Derrick Henry. Bama doesn't seem to have the one-two punch as in years past. I have no doubt, these issues as well as others will be tweaked and corrected in the coming weeks. 

Arkansas,...  Making a bowl at the end of the year isn't out of reach for the Hogs,... yet.

Auburn,... The defense looks improved from last year. Either that of Clemson didn't show up. Auburns offense is just mediocre. 

LSU,.... This may be Les Miles last year. He may not even make it all year. They looked terrible.

Mississippi St,.... Dak is not there anymore. And it showed.\

Texas A&M,.... Good win at home. Quite possibly in the running for the SEC West. 

SEC East

Florida,.... One word,... mediocre. In all phases of the game.

Georgia,... Good win and probably the best in the East after week one. 

Kentucky,... Not the new Vandy of the East but pretty dang close.

Missouri,... They might go 4-8 on the year,... 3-9 is quite possible. I still say vote them out of the SEC

South Carolina,... Another ho-hum team. They could win 7 or 8 since they play in the East.

Tennessee,... Nope,... they sin't there yet. 

Vandy,.. Vandy!!

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