Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mary Scott,... RIP,....

Mary, Mary,… Quite Contrary,… naw,… Mary Queen of Scotts,… naw,… I just can’t find the right thing to go with Mary. I came in from work yesterday and checked facebook to find out Mary Scott had passed away in her sleep. Shocked doesn't even describe the feeling I had.  We were classmates and graduated way back in 1977. Our class recently got together for a class picture on the steps before demolition began. Mary had been battled throat cancer and was doing well. Her attitude was profoundly upbeat and her sense of humor was dry as a bone as usual.  She did wear a trach to the picture taking but it was more of a fashion statement as only she could pull it off. It was good to see her back in April with all of the other classmates that got to come for the picture and the get together after. We just didn’t know how special that day would be. She loved life and lived it to the fullest and her facebook page has become a mecca for her friends. She will most certainly be missed. War Eagle my friend,… fly high.
I took time to steal some of her facebook postings,… things she actually typed and posted,…. And even these just don’t display her humor and upbeatness ( I know that’s not a word),… but these will have to do for now. To Mary's family and friends,... prayers are with you all.  I'm going to miss the "Maryisms".

Ok y'all, it's time for my annual public service announcement. This is Labor Day so pack up yo white shoes, jeans, pants, dresses, etc. that's right. All of it. And no lip about "fashion has changed" either. You were raised right so take heed.

It's hard to believe that yesterday was a year that I lost my dear Peabody. So thankful I have this little guy to keep me company now. He seems innocent enough at the moment but I never did find pea's little black book. Lawd hep me if Billy Clyde roots that out.
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Little does the Billy Clyde know what's in store for him tomorrow; his first trip to the spa. He's got company coming this weekend and he must look his best.

Had a rather ruff day yesterday which had nothing to do with trachs and tubes. Severe neck and shoulder pain that was honestly debilitating and the drugs I had weren't making a dent in it. So I drag my decrepit self down to my home away from home and get a big a$$ shot in the a$$ and horse pills to boot. Diagnosis was overzealous exercise. Rest assured that won't be happening again. Safer to sit on the sofa with the remote. Anyhoo, the Billy Clyde sensed something was amiss with his diva and did not leave my side all night. We slept in the living room (me with a heating pad) and Billy on the floor beside me. This morning I managed to stagger out with him much later than his usual airing time and when we came back from our fastest outing ever, he ate his breakfast and stayed in the kitchen quiet as a mouse until I got up. Didn't make a mess of any sort either. I think he may get RN added to his name for this. I think I'll keep him.

Since I may be stuck with this trach for quite awhile... I decided it needs to be jazzy and not look like the bark collar on a dog. Yes, there's even a Christmas one since hobby lobby has had their stuff out for over a month at least.
Mary Scott's photo.

this morning, we're going to be off to see the wizard. that's code for the v.e.t. i suppose a stop by petsmart to pick out a new toy will be in order after such poking and prodding the billy clyde will have to endure. i think he knows something is afoot when i started mumbling about now "what did i do with your shot records......"

It's a wild Friday night in the 'ham. I was at least successful with hooking up the cable box in my sun room. Only required one call to the cable co to rectify the remote control. I'm such a beast.

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