Friday, September 2, 2016

Saturday's Game,... Southern Cal vs Bama,...

This game shouldn't be this hard to predict. But,.... it is. The Trojans of Southern Cal have a new coaching staff while returning several key players. The are still somewhat reeling from probation as far as depth is concerned but for them,... that problem is getting more manageable. They have a new quarterback in Max Browne who has very little experience.  He will have a great receiver to throw to in JuJu Smith-Shuster who is on several pre-season lists for All American. 

On the other side the defense isn't too shabby and will present problems for Bama's own version of a virgin quarterback. True,... Cooper Bateman has a little experience, but it is very little and I wasn't that impressed with his play. Quite frankly, he scares me. But, he is surrounded with receiver talent and hopefully Bama has a running back to help make the Bama O two dimensional. The Bama defense is supposed to be better than last year. That is hard to imagine but if they are just as good,... it is going to be another great season. 

This game presents two fine establishments and athletic programs. Both rich in history on the playing field. Both know what probation can do to a program. Hopefully both have learned and are trying to keep those things in check. The one black eye for So. Cal is the way they fired Lane Kiffin. Fired after a game and told to find his own way home. He couldn't board the plane. Just left standing there by his lonesome. That wasn't the way to do it. Even though I might have laughed at the time about it because I thought he was a punk,.. I did kind of feel bad for him. That was just a tacky thing So Cal did to him. Hopefully, Lane will get a bit of revenge Saturday night. Roll Tide,... Bama wins,... 24-10 

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