Thursday, October 6, 2016

Florence Lost,....

The recent elections has brought some change to the city government. A couple of new council members and a new mayor. A new  mayor that probably won't or can't live up to his campaign promises. That being jobs. While serving with the Shoals Chamber of Commerce, Steve Holt had an okay record, nothing spectacular stands out to me. Thus, this is more than likely the job he will do as mayor of Florence. Sound familiar?  Yes it does. Will he also try to be like Mickey Haddock and try to please everyone? Time will only tell. My thoughts are you have to step on some toes to be successful. You simply cannot please everyone all the time 24/7. That was Mickey's downfall. He apparently looked at everyone as a vote, trying to please, or at the very least, not piss anyone off and lose a vote. Well it didn't pan out too well in the election for him.

I titled this post, Florence Lost, because I feel like we lost out on the vision and leadership Susan Goode could have provided for our city. She would have been an asset for Florence and the Shoals area but sadly people either didn't listen or maybe she just wasn't as known in the community as the two in the runoff election. Either way, Florence lost on a chance for someone to serve them that had a passion for our city. It is my hope she decides to try again in the nest election.

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