Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Getcha Some Blinker Fluid!!!!,....

Getcha some blinker fluid,... Please!! It is free at AutoZone even without the coupon. Tell your neighbor to get some too. Share this information so that we may never be without blinker fluid again. AND USE THOSE BLINKERS!! They come standard with your automobile for a reason. You have one to signal a left turn and one for a right turn. They work amazingly AND THEY ARE A SAFETY FEATURE. Both for you AND OTHER DRIVERS!!.

What is a STOP sign? Well apparently drivers in the Shoals think this is a "Casually Pause" sign. The California Roll is prominent throughout our lovely section of North Alabama but alas,... no one seems to know what the stop sign means. It has four letters on it,... an S, a T, an O and a P. When put all together they spell STOP. Stops means to cease, to quit. Make those tires come to a complete end in turning and look both ways. Your life and the life of your cell phone could depend on it!!

Ah,... Speed limits. Apparently this is another sign that means absolutely nothing to drivers in the Shoals area. Whether it be civilian or civil servant,... people drive like there is no tomorrow. Ten, fifteen, twenty miles per hour OVER the posted speed limits mean nothing to drivers here in the Shoals. Cops, fire personnel, shoppers going to WalMart ALL drive over the limit. And don't give me that crap about the officer responding to a call without his lights on. He wasn't,... he went home. Oh and by the way,... if you are driving 45(the posted limit) on Florence Blvd and people are passing you,... YOU can get pulled over and warned for driving too slow and not going with the flow. I just hope FPD buys that story when I get pulled over for actually GOING with the flow.

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